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MOROCCAN TOUCH IN YOUR HOME                                      

Moroccan Encaustic Cement Tiles 

Decorating your home with the Moroccan theme is an exciting adventure any way you look at it, as the versatility of the design scheme gives you the freedom to add your own unique personality to each area.For many Moroccan design lovers, attraction is truly found in the blatant reflection of Moroccan tradition that echoes in the various fabrics, texture and patterns. Looking at the style of design as a whole, one can truly see the Moroccan heritage and tradition throughout the various methods of artistic expression. Mosaic imagery, for example, created with the various types of Moroccan tile not only reveals the beauty behind 

traditional Moroccan design, it also exposes the historical aspect of Moroccan culture.

Now, at the beginning of the twenty-first century, the demand for authentic and sustainable products is increasing. And hence, also the demand for cement tiles, which are known in the Netherlands under the name Portuguese tiles, cement tiles or mosaic tiles. The renewed enthusiasm for this ‘green’ product may be interpreted as a reaction to the current technological era, in which industrially produced materials are often a strain on the environment. During the production of cement tiles, no heating is involved. The materials used are environmentally friendly and sustainable, just like many centuries ago. That’s why more and more professional designers and consumers like to use cement tiles as a high quality and decorative element. They are reminiscent of times gone by, full of beauty and exclusivity

AT Souk Tiles And Interiors We are dedicated to making this centuries old craft of Morocco accessible to our clients. As the newest generation in a family of tile makers, we draw upon the traditional craft and expertise handed down through the years,while embracing a modern taste for texture and design